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Bike boulevard experiment is scaled back

Thursday, March 31st, 2011 | Posted by

Michael Peterson primes the crosswalk at McConnell Ave. and Humboldt St. after Santa Rosa city crews removed the traffic circle on the bike boulevard on Thursday morning. (Photos: John Burgess/PD)

Workers today were out on Humboldt Street in Santa Rosa removing the circular traffic roundabouts that were part of the experimental traffic approach designed to have cars and bicyclists share the road.

As was reported earlier, the primary change is to eliminate traffic circles at four intersections along the 1.5-mile route. Also, stop signs will be restored on four streets that cross Humboldt — Silva, Carr, McConnell and Spencer avenues. Only McConnell, the site of a neighborhood market, will have a four-way stop. Speed tables will be installed at seven Humboldt intersections as part of a compromise.

What do you think of the city’s bike boulevard experiment? Can bicyclists and motorists co-exist on Sonoma County roads? Weigh in with your comments below.



  • itsme

    I know the bicyclists are screaming bloody murder and swearing vengeance on those who are aborting the bicycle boulevard project, but the bicyclist community needs to control the lawless and reckless among them who ruin it for everybody else.

    You know the ones: “I don’t have to observe STOP signs, I can run traffic signals, I blow past everyone else on the right…”

    The ones I don’t feel sorry for when they get hurt while doing those antics.

    • John

      What are saying? That anyone that ride a bike and fail to observe the traffic laws should get hurt? I observe cars as well as bicycles do the rolling stop all the time at these neighborhoods.

  • Kate Polacci

    I took great comfort in knowing that Humboldt Street was bicycle-friendly, and that cars were at least encouraged to make an extra effort to watch out for bicyclists along here. It would be great if there were certain north-south and east-west routes in Santa Rosa that were maybe more geared toward bicycles, so we could stay away from faster, more dangerous car-traffic areas. As an extremely cautious, law-abiding bicyclist who rides with the assumption that cars don’t see me, I felt safer on this street. However, it kind of felt like the circles were more trouble than they were worth. Somewhat confusing. I didn’t really see how they were any safer than a four-way stop, as long as bicyclists and cars observe the four-way stops.

  • John

    So we should just let the city spend and spend thinking that everyone is embracing the idea of a bike boulevard. Now that had failed in the SRJC area. The new bike boulevard at the West-End neighborhood now.

    • John

      By the way I think the money is better spend on filling pot holes than putting in these speed bumps.

  • Kat

    I am so pleased we can finally put this behind us and just go back to normal bike riding and driving without the awful and dangerous traffic circles. I cant believe that no one died during that experiment. And I hope that people will realize, we all need to follow the rules of the road, whether walking, cycling or driving, the rules are for everyones safety. So please, if you choose to ride a bike, follow the rules.

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