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Sunday flea market

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 | Posted by

Checkout the Sundays Flea Market at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Hall, 1351 Maple Avenue, parking lot from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Everything from collectibles to garage sale items. For more information: MoJoSales@Hotmail.com.

  • http://MoJoSales.hotmail Roberta Stanton

    Can’t seem to contact Flea Market person for Petaluma Vets Memorial for this Sunday Aug. 28.
    Need info. How to reserve ? Address ? Time to check in? Size of spaces? Card says to use

    • Susan Gordon

      You have to e-mail Jaqui King at mojosales@hotmail.com to get the schedule, which is erratic…
      to say the least ! Also, some of the dates preciously designated for Santa Rosa Vet’s are now being held in Petaluma. The spaces are large, 10 x10, I think…enough for 6 tables. Cost is $25. BUT :In my opinion, unless, or until , the schedule becomes more regular, it’s going to be a difficult venue. Customers just don’t know when it’s happening !

  • Jim Higgins

    Hi, Is the Petaluma Flea market still happening tomorrow at the Vets building? Jim

  • Jacqui King

    Come On People! I am at the mercy of the Vets Hall and the City of Petaluma and can only lease the sites when they allow me to. I answer every email personally within 24 hours of receiving it. My email is published everywhere, including on a 30 foot banner at the SR Vets and on numerous banners all around Petaluma.

    This next year, the Market will be every Sunday, either at the Santa Rosa Vets or at Walnut Park in Petaluma.

    Most vendors report doing really well on sales and I will complete the first year of this new Flea Market in Jan. There are now almost 800 vendors in my database.

    Please….email me for more information: MojoSales@Hotmail.com

  • Steven

    I would like to sell several bicycles on Dec. 3rd’s wallnut park flee market. Table not needed.

  • Alan Lockler

    Dear Jacqui,
    I am interested in renting a space at the Santa Rosa Vets Building on Jan. 29, 2012 if at all possible. I need to know how to go about this? Please contact me preferably via telephone @ 707-322-5868
    I would really like to participate in tomorrows sale, as I am actually prepared with my products for tomorrows venue. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
    Sincerely, Alan Lockler

  • http://None Paul Artist

    Jacqui, could you please call me to verify weather or not the Santa Rosa Flea Market is running Sunday the 1st of April? Thank You….Paul

  • http://None Paul Artist

    I have recieved no response as usual, so I drove all the way over to the flea to see if I would see at least a banner. there is one by the 7/11. I can only assume there will be a flea on Sun. tomorrow.I only have a phone # But no E-Mail. whoever sees this and knows, could you call me with info. I am a regular vendor. My appreciation to you,one and all…(228-8967)…Paul…

    • http://NOWEBSITE!!!!! Jacqui King


  • Sunny

    Does anyone know how to get a response from the person in charge of the flea market. I have tried to contact “mojosales” but have NOT received a response….(within 24 hours??? )

    • http://NOWEBSITE!!!!! Jacqui King


      • http://mojosales@hotmail.net richard bernard

        jacqui will there be a flea market in santa rose sunday nov. 18th

  • http://NOWEBSITE!!!!! Jacqui King

    There is NO WEBSITE!!!


    This is EMAIL, NOT A WEBSITE!!!

  • Tammy

    Hey Jacqui, it’s me Tam are you gonna need help this sunday may 27th, I need a spot, but I can pay too, I just can’t get to my email, and I don’t have your magic number.


  • Keira

    Ms King did write me back but I was surprised that she didn’t have a ‘copy and send’ sort of thing ready, that listed the price of the area, how big the rental area is, if you were allowed to drive up and unload or if you have to haul your stuff in, and most important– what time vendors are supposed to get there. I wrote back after asking what time, and got a response of, ‘just show up’….Really…??? is that supposed to tell me 8am, 6am, when?? So i may go and have no clue when i should exactly get there. She needs a good information guide, that doesn’t include advertising about selling her puppy there…Yikes!~ A website would improve her business greatly, and be LESS frustrating!

    • http://NOWEBSITE!!!!! Jacqui King

      I answer ALL inquires almost immediately with a Vendor Information Packet. Keira is mistaken. 1300+ Vendors have gotten this information. Just email – No Website!

  • Sean Murphy

    Seriously people? She sends out an email and the attachments are there. One is the calendar and one is the info you need. Do others REALLY need to hold your hand and lead the the way? There is so much work that goes into the markets and I am thankful Jacqui has done this since Sebastopol is a joke. It’s not frustrating if you think about it. Thanks for all your hard work Jacqui.

  • Felisa Shields

    I would like to get an info regarding a reservation for a table as a seller, for July 22nd, 2012. Please send info to email address above. thank you!

  • Dorie McKay

    Hi Jacqui, I’m interested in setting up a table come March 30th. I need more info in terms of renting one, at the Santa Rosa Memorial area. Hope you can give me the info necessary, table size, how to go about this, is it carryable or heavy? Will also send you email too in case you miss this note. thank you…

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