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Who is this guy and what is he saying?

Thursday, August 4th, 2011 | Posted by

By NINA LARAMORE / Santa Rosa Correspondent

Telephone and lamp poles often have flyers posted about missing pets, yard sales, roommates wanted and things for sale, but some in downtown Santa Rosa have borne some more unusual ones since April.

The first one seemed at first to be about a missing pet. It started out, “Have you seen this dog? His name is Bailey, a golden retriever mix.” But the next sentence read, “He’s not lost, I just wanted to share a picture because I like him.” It was signed “Brock” and asked people to respond to a Facebook page if they wanted to discuss Bailey or dogs.

Brock has posted more than 20 signs since then. He’s been looking for a Boggle partner, help with a Bon Jovi lyric, trying to find the owner of a $100 bill, seeking a secondhand star for Mother’s Day, asking for ideas on what to tweet to actor Emilio Estevez, requesting a companion to see American Idol live and looking for a rich Pamela Anderson-esque girlfriend.

At least 25 helpful Santa Rosans have replied with suggestions and comments to Brock’s “Kilroy was here” style posts. The “Notes From Brock” Facebook page has a cult following of 241 fans. The majority are high school and Santa Rosa Junior College students, but some are older and from other places including a woman whose Facebook “info,” says she’s from Lima, Peru.

Most of the flyers have included a Facebook page url and the statement, “That’s my page that my kitty-corner neighbor’s son set up for me on this big crazy world wide web site. You can also send me ‘electronic mail’ from there if you want.”

Santa Rosa resident Donna Steiner’s daughter sent her a copy of the “Air Guitar for Sale” flyer.

About one year old. In good air condition, although one air string is broken. Comes with a few air picks. Does not come with an air case. Paid 300 air dollars; asking 100 air dollars or best air offer. You can see more pictures of the air guitar by visiting facebook.com/NotesFromBrock,” — Brock

She posted on Brock’s Facebook Wall, “Dude, you’re my hero! I put up random, crazy fliers as often as possible. My kid sent me a pic of your flier that she found downtown. As a side note – I am the proud owner of the world’s largest air guitar collection. I’m thinking of setting up a museum on Route 66 to showcase them. Maybe we could collaborate.”

Steiner, a cost accountant with a manufacturing company, says she responded because she also likes to post funny signs.

“When my daughter emailed it to me, I thought ‘Oh my gosh! This is my soul mate,” Steiner said.

Brock declined to be identified when contacted by the Press Democrat, but not knowing his identity may be part of the fun.

Filmmaker, ambulance dispatcher and Santa Rosa resident Sean Pettis first saw the “Seeking Ideas for my Tombstone” posting.

“I haven’t felt very well for about a week and a half, so I am thinking I will probably pass away soon. I am seeking ideas for phrases for my tombstone and feedback for the ideas. My neighbor’s son suggested ‘I told you I was sick’ and ‘Buried alive’ but I am unsure about those,” — Brock

“It was a good practical joke,” said Pettis. “After the second, third and fourth posters I got a good vision of who this guy is and what he’s trying to do.”

Pettis said he thinks Brock “is like all of us. He sees a lack of creativity in Santa Rosa. He’s reaching out to those who are looking for a little more excitement in the day-to-day.”

He thinks Brock should continue to write notes but that he needs to get a billboard on the highway.

Pettis said he started looking for the flyers after the first and would get excited when he saw one. He posted photos of them on his Facebook page. Friends and family responded, “What is this? Is it strange or humorous?”

Sarah Mangham responded to this one:

A few days ago I was hanging out in my desk drawer and I was torn away from my friends and family. Then I was shoved into what I can only describe as a torture machine and permanently tattooed! Then I was posted on this pole where I’ve been for days! I need to be taken down, but only by my owner, Brock. He knows how to remove tape from my corners without hurting me more. Please DO NOT take me down without his help. He can be contacted at facebook.com/NotesFromBrock. Grab a strip of paper from my bottom—but be gentle—so you don’t forget the URL. Tell him the location of this pole so he can rescue me,” — Vic.

She posted to Brock’s wall the location, “Corner of 3rd and E Street by the Central Library, downtown SR.”

“I thought it was very clever so I decided to check it out and respond,” Mangham said. “I like it when people do fun, random things. It certainly made me smile.”

Is Brock strange or humorous? Decide for yourself at facebook.com/NotesFromBrock.


  • Scott Keneally

    HA! That’s really funny. Great find Nina. And go Brock!

  • Soo moo

    saw the first couple of fliers and initially Liked Brock on Facebook. Then I got paranoid and wondered if he was a real weirdo, in a bad way, and Unlike him.
    Maybe he is just a weirdo in a good way? It is amusing.

  • makai

    I like the one, “Help me! Been taped to pole for days!”

    There should be a law that makes those who post fliers for garage and yard sales to take the signs down the last day of the sale. Other wise face a stiff fine, like $100 per day it stays up. It’s easy to find them because they leave their addresses.

  • jon

    The funny thing is Brock is actually a female.

    • Alec

      Does it matter if the jokes are reused? They make people smile and laugh. He didn’t say they were original and he didn’t ask to be put in the newspaper

  • Old re hashed jokes

    This guy is just stealing ideas from already exsisting innerweb pictures. Try doing something original. Must not be any real news in Santa Rosa.

  • Sam & Janet Evening

    Brian Moe must not be working tonight. The spelling is “flyers.”

    • Nina Laramore

      Hi Sam & Janet,

      That was my typo. Thanks for pointing it out. Nina Laramore

  • Redd

    Very nice. Good for Santa Rosa.

  • Ronzo

    Great job, Brock. A little humor never hurt anyone, but may help many ;-)

  • Just Sam

    I love it! Personally, I am getting tired of “real news” and think we could all use more humor in our lives. Thanks Brock (and Nina) for splashing some color amidst some increasingly black and gray days. Smiles are free (and priceless) and free is always within everyone’s budget. *still smiling* Thanks again!

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