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How Marshall Cook got his movie made

Thursday, November 10th, 2011 | Posted by

By NINA LARAMORE / Santa Rosa Towns Correspondent

Marshall Cook on the set of "Division III, Football's Finest."

It was a long journey for Marshall Cook to get his feature film “Division III, Football’s Finest” to the premier tonight at the Roxy 14. He had the script, the two lead characters and a number of other details in place but he still needed to come up with the money to get it made.

“In the end we made it for ten times less than was originally budgeted,” Cook says. “It was 100 times less than it cost to make “Friday Night Lights.”

Cook took his movie script through the “appropriate channels” in the beginning by taking it to production companies. Several optioned it.

“They like it, they want it, they pay you a little bit of money and no one else can do it for six-months,” Cook said.

But, the movie wasn’t being made.

“Then Andy met an angel investor,” Cook said. “Someone who has money and knows nothing about the movie business. He wanted an executive producer credit and a part in the movie. Then he writes a check and flies away.”

Cook’s angel has a company that assists other businesses with outsourcing work to the Philippines.

“So, I insourced everyone for the movie,” Cook says. “I also chose the charity for my half of the box office receipts in Santa Rosa because it helps children in the Philippines.”

Cook’s half of the $10 ticket price will go to Youth Empowerment Services in the Philippines.

What: Santa Rosa Sneak Preview of “Division III: Football’s Finest” and Q&A with actor Andy Dick and actor/director Marshall Cook
When: Tonight, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Roxy 14 Stadium, 85 Santa Rosa Avenue
Cost: $10
How: To get tickets online or at the door tonight
Starring: Andy Dick, Adam Carolla, Marshall Cook, Bryan Callen and Sally Kirkland.

  • Linda Swisher

    Division III Football’s Finest- Thoroughly entertaining, great script, good acting by the two main characters Andy Dick and Marshall Cook, excellent support cast and a very well directed movie by Marshall Cook.

    • Linda Swisher

      From one of your first fans! I wanted to comment on how Marshall Cook made the movie. It sounds like Marshall Cook never never never gives up, through perseverance, persistence, using creative resources, finding an angel investor and hard work he got this movie made. Way to go Marshall for making all the right choices .

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