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The List: 10 best-selling comic books

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 | Posted by

Dozens flocked through the doors of Outer Planes Comic and Games shop Wednesday eager to pick up the latest issues of this week’s hottest selling comics. With every Wednesday labeled “New Comic Day,” it’s not uncommon for customers to bustle in to see what’s in store.

Every Wednesday, comic book fans across the county come to Outer Planes to purchase the latest issues of their favorite comic books. (ASA HESS-MATSUMOTO / PD)

Gone are the days where only caped crusaders dominated the old 10 cent inkblots. Now our world is being saved time and again by many recognizable heroes from television and movies. While mainstay publishers like DC and Marvel Comics continue to be titans in the industry, longtime comic book readers and fresh faces alike can revel in the variety of glossy covers and characters now available.

Below are the best selling comics available. Whether you’re shopping for the enthusiast or looking to dive into something new, there’s plenty to pick from:

1. The Walking Dead
Popularized by the hit AMC television show, the series follows a band of survivors struggling to live from one day to the next amidst a zombie apocalypse.

2. Batman
Revitalized in 2011 through DC comic’s “New 52″ initiative, Bruce Wayne is back in black, ever vigilant for crimes on Gotham’s streets.

3. Saga
Borrowing elements from both science-fiction and fantasy, two star-crossed lovers escape across the galaxy amidst a war between worlds.

4. Adventure Time
Based upon Cartoon Network’s hit series of the same name, Finn the human and Jake the dog tackle the world’s mysteries and adventures.

5. Deadpool
A black comedy series that parodies and satirizes its own existence in the Marvel universe, “Deadpool” chronicles the violent and hilarious misadventures of “the merc with a mouth.”

6. Justice League of America
Starring DC’s entire cast of heroes and villains, the series serves as a link between all of DC’s other printed issues in exploring the dynamics between its characters.

7. My Little Pony
Finding fans both young and old, “My Little Pony” features the colorful horses, unicorns and pegasi from the television show.

8. The Superior Spider-Man
After Peter Parker’s death in “The Amazing Spider-Man”s 700th issue, Marvel brought a new Spider-Man into the fray to carry on the web-slinging legacy.

9. Doctor Who
Fans of the British time-traveling television show will be pleased to follow the Doctor in various incarnations.

10. The Uncanny Avengers
Still riding the tide of younger audiences swept up by its box-office successes, Marvel Comics continues to issue new releases featuring Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Ironman and others.

– Asa Hess-Matsumoto

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