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Double Punches boxing tournament opens with a smash

Saturday, March 9th, 2013 | Posted by

For three fighters, Friday’s USA boxing tournament hosted by Salvation Army’s Double Punches boxing gym was an important step towards becoming a U.S. champion. It’s the path all American boxers must take for a shot at the Summer Olympics, filled to the brim with body blows and bloody noses. The tournament saw 16 fighters square up, ages 15 to 25, with eight competing for the four open spots in the national tournament, to be held later this month in Spokane, Wash.

Eros Correa – San Jose PAL (Winner – Champion) vs. Angelo Calvillo – Unattached

Correa beat out Calvillo with a strong right hook, stunning him for a count in the second round.

Ali Ahned – Dreamland Boxing (Winner) vs. Marcus Reaves – LA Boxing
Ahned beat Reaves’ technique  through a flurry of blows in a great second round.

Yuri Rybin – AS Boxing vs. Daniel Thomas (Winner – Champion)
Despite Rybin connecting punches in the opening round, Thomas sealed the deal in pouring on blows in the third.

Brian Jimenez – Worriors 4 JC vs. Malikai Johnson – LA Boxing (Winner)
Though quick on his feet and delivering punches, Jimenez was edged out by Johnson’s controlled style in the second and third rounds.

Mario Albegro – Double Punches vs. Shawn Nzau – Golden Gate Boxing (Winner)
Nzau beat Albegro, stunning him twice for counts in the third round

Jonathan Melgarejo – A & B Boxing (Winner) vs. Hardeep Sing – LA Boxing
Melgarejo brought on a flurry of punches just inside Sing’s defenses for the win.

Pedro Madriz – Double Punches (Winner) vs. Tyrell Hamilton – Golden Gate Boxing 
Madriz beat Hamilton for some excellent points through counters and jabs.

Jasper McCargo – Oakland BC vs. Joaquin Lopez – Unattached (Winner – Champion)
An excellent fight to close the card, the closing round had everyone on the edge of their seats, if not standing out of them. As the two largest fighters on the card, weighing in at 178 lbs each, the two fighters exchanged punishing blows throughout the match. Lopez secured the victory in the second and third rounds, landing several shots to the head, staggering McCargo and leaving him open for more.

The tournament continues at 1 p.m. Saturday at Double Punches Boxing gym. Tickets are available at the door for $15. For more information, call 586-2448.

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