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Follow-up: Double Punches gym delivers 12 more fights in USA tournament

Sunday, March 10th, 2013 | Posted by

The Salvation Army Double Punches boxing club concluded their tournament yesterday, sending four more champion fighters to compete later this month for a national title. Below are the results:


Fabian Perez – Unattached vs. Carlos Hoyos-Le – Sunnyvale PAL (winner)
The two young boxers both brought spirit into the match, but Hoyos-Le’s rain of punches across all three rounds secured Sunnyvale PAL the first of several wins in the tournament.

Isaias Rosales – Oakland BC vs. Radley Panlasigui – Sunnyvale PAL  (winner)
Panlasigui’s constant ferocity kept Rosales off balance from the get go, despite Rosales delivering several clean uppercuts in the second round.

Mohammad Elbalazi – Fairfield PAL vs. Pedro Cruz – Sunnyvale PAL (winner)
Despite lacking Elbalazi’s reach, Cruz was able to work inside his defenses for multiple body blows in the second and third rounds.

Elizabeth Shen – USF (winner) vs. Alouette Vera – Unattached
Though Vera kept low and chased Shen about the ring, Shen snaked in several clean hits in the first and third rounds for victory.

Spencer Chernick – USF (winner) vs. Andrew Jovenal – Unattached
Jovenal brought heavy jabs in the first round, teetering Chernick. Jovenal ultimately tired however, and Chernick came through strong in the second and third rounds for the win.

Ali Ahmed – Dreamland Boxing vs. Markshawn Fields – Pacific Ring (winner – Champion)
Ahmed showed fatigue from the previous day’s match and took a rain of blows from Field’s southpaw maneuvering.

Mathew Rodriguez – USF (winner) vs. Andrew Cabatic – San Jose State
The referee stopped the contest in the first round when Cabatic turned and fell in the ring, injuring his ankle. The ringside physician determined a bone may have fractured, and an ambulance was called for Cabatic.

Reyes Manon – Oakland BC vs. Jesus Perez – Fairfield PAL (winner)
Manon opened up a strong first round but quickly tired out, leaving him exposed to Perez’s solid crosses in the second and third rounds.

Eros Correa – San Jose PAL (winner – Champion) vs. Brent Venegas III – Golden State Bloodhounds
One of the faster and more technical fights of the tournament, Correa showed no signs of exhaustion from his victory the previous day, landing double hooks to Venegas’ body and head for the win.

Rosino Legan – San Jose PAL vs. Eder Carillo – Woodland Boxing Club (winner – Champion)
Carillo consistently delivered his punches fist to face in all three rounds, securing a championship win.

Vonnie Davidson – Unattached (winner) vs. Ronald Manuel – Sunnyvale PAL
Manuel came out swinging too close for Davidson in the opening round, landing several punches to the body. The rest of the match went to Davidson, however, as he delivered exhaustive blows to the face for multiple counts.

John Ryan – USF vs. Dexter Diaz – Unattached (winner)
A close fight for the tournament, Diaz was able to follow up hooks to the head with a series of jabs despite leaving himself consistently open when locking arms with Ryan.

David Gaitan (winner)
Gaitan moves on to nationals in Spokane, WA after his opponent failed to appear.

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