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New poll looks at “public dog carrying”

Thursday, July 31st, 2014 | Posted by


gardenDeptDogHave you noticed a few more dogs in public places these days? And some of them where signs say, “only service animals?” After Paris Hilton introduced small dogs as accessories several years ago, many women followed suit, carrying dogs into public places, indoor and outdoor. Now men seem to be getting into the act, holding Yorkies under their arms, tucking toy terriers in their shirts or carrying their chihuahuas in carriers or backpacks.

Though the signs at the outdoor farmers markets declare “No Pets Allowed,” dogs are everywhere one turns – and now they’re at eye-level. Is this another fad, or is public dog carrying here to stay?

strollerDogOur new poll looks at what Santa Rosans think about this phenomena. Please take the time to weigh in. Find the poll, which will close on Oct. 1, 2014, on the Santa Rosa Towns section home page. It will look like this:

Do you carry your small dog under your arm, in a purse or carrier in public places such as farmers markets, cafes and stores?


Our last poll, which ran since July  2013, “Should a park be created at Moorland Avenue to honor Andy Lopez?” ended yesterday. It resulted in an even number of  yes and no votes (489 each) and 34 votes of “Don’t know.” Public opinion may be divided, but the park is on the Board of Supervisors’ agenda and money has been raised in anticipation of Supervisor approval.

  • Lynn Millar

    No, I think it’s inappropriate. Mostly because the owners’ behaviors are generally annoying. It’s another ‘entitlement’ scheme that is not an entitlement. And I love dogs. Just not in stores etc.

  • Kevin Hutchinson

    No, I think it’s inappropriate. And at loud music venues I think it’s bad for the digs

  • Ann

    I have seen non-service dogs at Safeway, near the Whole Foods salad bar, and even a wedding! Tiny chihuahuas or toy poodles carried in someone’s arms or sitting in the grocery cart are clearly NOT service dogs. Other shoppers then put food in those carts — yuck. I have complained to the stores and the County health department. Although stores post signs saying, “Non-service dogs not allowed”, the stores do nothing when it happens. Safeway’s sign is very low, just about a dog’s eye level. Too bad dogs can’t read. What good are County health regulations if they are not enforced?

  • Barbara Simms

    I take my dog with me everywhere ,If he is not allowed then I don’t go either.I dont put my dog ,or anything else in a grocery cart ,there filthy ,homeless people live out of them,dirty clothes and all .You cant believe what people but in them ,I have my own cart.

  • Holly

    If it’s the law that they are not allowed then stores should enforce it. Never in restaurants that’s just gross. I don’t really care much either way at the store or outside markets although if it were legal I’d worry then everyone would bring their dogs and not all will be clean. Who wants to smell dirty dog?

  • Tracey

    I am moving from Seattle to Santa Rosa soon. Seattle is very dog friendly and dogs of all sizes and breeds are common at farmer’s markets, in some restaurants and bars (law is at owner’s discretion) and shops. Overall I find owners to be very responsible with their dogs, keeping them away from food and other human hazards and I find the dogs very well behaved. I myself am a dog owner and I’m sad that I will have to leave him home for many of my outings once I move.

    • http://rick@bayareasparepair.net Richard Dykdtra

      Life is good if I can pull

  • floatingclouds

    Yes, most definitely. Pets are family. I now live in Austin, and it is a very pet friendly city. Dogs of all sizes and breeds are permitted in many public places. Last night I dined on the patio of a popular restaurant with a pit bull sitting right next to me. I then went to a gelato parlor where there were many dogs on the patio. Most restaurants and stores leave water bowls out for pets, and some restaurants even have ‘puppy meals’ on their menu. Also, most rental housing permits pets with no breed restriction requirements. There are many dog parks and dog swim areas as well. It just adds to the fun, playful, open, warm, friendly, inclusive aspect of this city. I haven’t heard of anyone getting sick from the close proximity to these animals, nor have I witnessed any altercations of any kind.

  • QA Kruse

    Service animals are fine. Even v.small dogs (well behaved) are fine and offer tremendous emotional support for many, especially oldsters who are very alone in this world…lighten up for heaven’s sake.

  • Karen

    I do not have an issue with dogs. Much rather have to deal with dogs than kids.

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